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quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Space Oddity, Odisseia Espacial

Tanto a busca pela realidade

quanto o gosto pela fantasia

encontram o mesmo fim:

uma cova comum

com um epitáfio ilusório



3 From M. T.'s testament:

"...There must be a control, specially one from the ground, which is safe. Someone check that. Take the pills, 'cause the food we produce is not nutritive anymore, and the edible lifeforms are rare. Those pills will also let you centered on your mission, which is not your chosen mission, is the mission that we designed and designated for you. The pills will avoid distractions and attention driven to your unknown side, which is disturbing and not really you. Turn the engine, 'cause we'll need a lot of automatic resources. It will lead us ahead. We need the machines to produce us what is vital. Now we can ride in a stunning velocity, even though we cannot feel it. The sky and the Earth are blue, and I can barely breathe..."


1 Image by: Kubrick, Stanley (1968). 2001: a Space Odissey. MGM.

2 Music by: Ramil, Vitor (2000). Estrela, estrela. Satolep Music: Tambong. Track 12.

3 Quote by: Tom, Major (2029). Testament. In: Jones, Davy (1969). Space Oddity. Mercury: David Bowie. Track 1.

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